my journey

yoga used to be this journey i saw from afar and admired. i didn't believe for one second that i could make it a part of my  own life and routine. me? i'm pretty sure my body can't bend that way or that practicing yoga would go against my catholic faith (so much controversy around this, but, it is the same for many things). so, yes, yoga seemed to be something good, wonderful and rewarding that i wouldn't be able to do/ practice.

then, i met hailey heishman. she is a yoga instructor and i have had the wonderful chance of becoming her friend and fellow writer (she's a writer, too!). she offered a little behind the scenes trial of her "yoga basics" course and i thought: why not give it a try? the worst that could happen is that it doesn't work out for me and i know that this might be a journey i never take. still, at least i tried it out.

so, i tried it and wow. wow. wow. i fell in love! it wasn't easy starting, yet i did. and, sometimes it's still hard to start, but i continue to push forward. i cannot begin to tell you how many parts of my life have become better just because i've chosen to spend fifteen to thirty (maybe a full hour if i really need it) minutes on my yoga mat every day (or every other day) with fujitsu playing in the background. also, it's even better if i'm outside and the sun is dancing with my movements.

yoga is more than just the flow. it's focusing and emptying your mind to become aware of yourself and your movements. practicing yoga has been one of the best decisions i've made, and i'm so glad that hailey offered this course. if you've been sitting on the fence trying to decide when and how to start, i highly encourage starting with the basics and hailey!

MY JOURNEY in photos: