Why yoga? 
Because it’s taught me that I’m stronger than I think. That you never really “arrive”...there’s always something to work toward. That everyday FEELS different. And that the body is incredible (and it’s just a body - don’t forget about the mind!). Every body. Not just mine. Not just the Instagram influencer you admire. Every single body is strong, capable, and resilient... if you keep showing up. If you get back up. If you’re willing to fall. If you’re willing to try endlessly. All of the possibility, none of the overnight quick-fix magic stuff. Hard work + space to meet yourself where you are daily. That’s why yoga...for me.

- reflection taken from hailey heishman's post

this is my journey. for my body and my mind. i refuse to let it slip out of my fingertips. it’s even easier to come home, do my yoga, shower and then continue with my day! it’s just a part of my day. are you ready to start your journey, too?

i feel good, i have all i need: clothes, a mat, a course guide, and hailey heishman’s support! yet, the only real thing i needed to start was me and the intention of going through with hailey's program


use the link below to find out more on the yoga basics program, btw my link gives you a 15% discount off the course! enjoy!