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INTRODUCTION | cheyenne raine
years ago, i would have told you that poetry was all i wanted to do. i didn't want to venture outside of what i knew. i didn't want my writings to grow outside of what i was familiar with. then, i fell into prose. next, i dipped my toes in writing articles for a few magazines. later, i gave into writing for my blogs. now, i am starting a new journey with words:


i've decided that i want to share stories with you all! the stories i plan on sharing with you all will be the kind that you could sit down and lose yourself in. short collections of risky adventures and rebellious creatures. i want to feature written works and art from other creatives within this storytelling blog, as well! i always imagined that raine poetry would be all i have known, it's wild to think that this journey has ventured far beyond my original ideas and grown into an escape of stories.

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cheyenne raine

cheyenne raine

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