the writer

this is the beginning of something sweet.

years ago, i would have told you that poetry was all i wanted to do. i didn't want to venture outside of what i knew. i didn't want my writings to grow outside of what i was familiar with. then, i fell into prose. next, i dipped my toes in writing articles for a few magazines. later, i gave into writing for my blog, which was a practice of writing my memories and thoughts in poetic reflections.

now, i am starting a new journey with words:


i would have never imagined that i could come to this point. i had never attempted to write a story with imagination and sleepy thoughts, before. so, i let the idea sit in my head for a little over a week before i began to write. i wasn't sure where to begin. i didn't want to write something that had a clear beginning, middle and end. i knew i wanted it to be like breathing. just a flow of imagination. at first, the story kept coming out as a poem. within the next couple of weeks i had finally settled into how i wanted the story to be. it took me a couple of hours to write the story out. i had so much fun! it was a mixture of soft and curious words, like sitting at the edge of the shoreline where the waves tug at you and wrap around your legs.

i've decided that i want to share stories with you all! the stories i plan on sharing with you all will be the kind that you could sit down and lose yourself in. short collections of risky adventures and rebellious creatures. i want to give you fairy tales about the sea and a planet with a tree as old as the universe. i'm really excited to bring this new creative work to you!

catching moments in my imagination, soon to be written for you to see and read!

i always imagined that raine poetry would be all i have known and all i have worked hard to do, the dreams i chase and everything in between. it's crazy to think that, now, a part of this creative journey will be my imagination on the loose!

as always, i do hope you enjoy and i look forward to sharing my imagination with you all!


p.s.: if you have any wild story suggestions, definitely leave it in the comments below or on the instagram post that led you to this link!

all my light + love.
- raine

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