loud light: tender moment

the sun rose over the sea, and the clouds caught each ray, perfectly.

a sleeping mermaid opened her eyes and looked at the ocean floor. she could see the sun was barely waking up, and the drowsy rays created rainbows on the surface water, which was miles above her. it was like the aurora borealis, or so the dragons would tell her, when they came to the ocean tides for the winter season. she tried to imagine what the sky might look like. she tried to imagine what beauty the night sky held, with colorful lights in cold air. here, in the sea, there was only morning kaleidoscopes of light through the waves.

that was when i met her, the wave began, she was moonlit hair and lavender eyes. she was a lilac scaled tail and dark olive skin. i forget her name, but i'll never forget her soul. she wanted so badly to visit the northern landscapes of the earth, with her dragon friends to guide her. but her body was made for the warm summer seas. one day, as she realized she could not go past a collection of jagged rocks that fell between the warm and cool waters, she sunk into a melancholy emotion. the dragon that was with her called for a sea serpent, who slid the young mermaid's body onto his back and returned her to her home of pearls and coral branches.

i was only passing through when she started to mourn her loss. painful, isn't it? she longed for something she could only picture in her mind, a sight she could only hear described by yellow scaled dragons. i felt so bad for her... so i took the salt that clung to her skin and kissed her cheek. i rushed to find the sea serpent that had brought her back to her home, when i finally found him, he was about to slither back into his cave for sleep. i asked him to take the salt and place it across the length of the fins on his back. i told him to swim under the moon for that evening, he agreed.

the mermaid wrapped herself into the sand and let her pain wash over her. she only wanted to see the light. these stupid bones and muscles, how could they not handle and adapt to the colder sea? why did she have to be a mermaid? why couldn't she be like her dragon friends, able to fly and swim wherever they please? why was she stuck here?

as her thoughts flooded her mind the day passed on and the night slowly crept into the sky. she cried, even more, remembering that she wouldn't be able to see the lights in the sky at this time of day. dusk into midnight. no lights. just the buzz of the ocean around her and the milky moonlight shining a little bit of light onto the ocean floor. a once breath- taking and admired sight became dull and painful. she just wanted the aurora borealis. once. at least once.

when she could finally breathe again, she shook herself out of the sand and looked back to the surface, where a crescent moon shone through the waves. the teal sea serpent that had taken her sad soul back home made his way to the surface. she wondered what he might be doing, sea serpents tend to stay in caves and close to the ocean floor. all of a sudden, when he reached the surface, particles of light began to illuminate each movement of the waves that surrounded it. the mermaid held still. was this real? the sea serpent spun around in circles as the salt pieces fell off of the fins on his back. the slight touch of moonlight pouring through each salt particle was colored in greens, blues, purples, and yellows. the display before her was gorgeous. she swam up, closer to the lights, and danced between each ray. she laughed and let her eyes wander around everything. there was no more pain. perhaps, her body was not made to go to the cold waters, but, somehow, this sea serpent was creating the magical illusion of the aurora borealis, the kind that she could dance with. this was a moment she would tell her dragon friends about, when they returned. this was her most beautiful recollection.

how about that, dearest ones? the wave inquired, i wasn't sure if it would work, but it happened, didn't it? her laughter was enchanting. i was spinning around her hips and fingertips, i collected each sound and vibration. i put the noise into glass bottles that had sunken to the ocean floor, picked the bottles up with a little bit of force, and pushed them towards the shoreline. maybe you'll find one of the glass bottles on your shoreline walks. i hope so. her laughter will fill your head with the sight of light dancing in colorful waves.

well little loves, until next time. i hope you'll come back soon. i have one final tale to share with you.

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