loud light: hollow bones

a fisherman cast his net into the sea. a storm was beginning to form at the edges of the clouds, he could see the grey-purple fingertips slowly covering the cotton clouds. he knew he had about an hour to catch something before he would have to return to the shore and find shelter from the storm. the storms were always loud and rough, powerful and full of dark noises (thunder, crashing waves, rumbling, strong winds). the fisherman felt a tug on the net. immediately, he began to pull on the ropes. what he discovered left him pale and speechless, in awe and wonder. a perfect skeleton of some magical creature was tangled into his net. he brought the netting onto his boat. slowly, and gently, he untangled each bone. the bones were creamy, with the slightest hue of teal. they were heavy. he wasn't sure what the creature would look like if it had flesh, but the skeleton before him looked like a sea serpent, or something of that sort.

the wave telling us the story whispered: i am the wave that stole the skeleton from the deep, i am the wave that pushed all the bones into the net. i am the wave that sat by the boat to watch the fisherman pull the net up, out of the water, with disbelief and curiosity in his eyes. i am the wave that gave him the magic he needed to be safe from the storm.

the ocean began to shake. the bones tumbled inside of the boat and the fisherman held on tightly to the side of the boat. why was the storm hitting so soon and so harshly, he knew it had only been ten minutes since he had cast out his net. the sky began to pour and something wild occurred.

the bones started to melt in the rain, but, they didn't melt like things normally melt. no. the bones became like clay and began to create a small roof over the fisherman's boat, thin remnants of the creature's rib cages held the clay- bone roof above the boat. what was happening before the fisherman's eyes? he wasn't sure, but it was all calm, quiet, heavenly under the roof. he felt no rain. no quake. not even the sway of the ocean. he touched one of the rib cages and felt a pulse against his hand, it was as if the skeleton was breathing.

again, the wave whispered: i am the wave that saved the fisherman. i am the wave that gave him the bones. the earth wanted to take him, but i knew how often he had come out to the deep to find fish for his little town. he often spoke to all the waves about the people he was surrounded with. i couldn't let the sea swallow him up, i gave him the bones, so that he might live. so that he might wait out the storm and cast out his net once it had passed.

this is my first story. once the storm was over, i rocked his boat and collected the sea serpent's skeleton. i glanced back once, to see the fisherman looking over the edge of his boat. i took the bones back into the dark waters. when i returned, he had settled back into his boat, net dancing under the water, catching silver and blue fish. all was well. all was good. he lived and he had a magical story in his soul.

come again, tomorrow, little loves, bring me back to the shoreline and lie down with me. i will tell you my next story, then, and only then...

Cheyenne RaineComment