loud light + other small stories 🐚

we chased the wave that kissed us while we were stargazing. silly, us, trying to find one wave. the ocean gave us a seashell. empty little shape, smooth and wet in our fingers. the stars made it shimmer, kind of like your eyes above the moonlit waves. i forgot to mention that we were lost in a daydream. that's alright, we have so much to think about in this sweet escape.

the lost wave found us, treading water, holding tightly to each other and the seashell, so we wouldn't lose any piece of ourselves. you greeted the wave with laughter, i let it speak:

i see you two here, often. i wanted to give you one gift, but i think i'll give you three. i think you have been friends for a while, there are years in your eyes and there is a comfort in your embrace. raise the seashell up to the moon so that i can fill it with a story.

we raised the seashell and the wave slid into the small opening. a moment later light poured out of the seashell and wrapped around our bodies, it whispered:

loves, it's me, i've given you the salt of me, and, now, i'm light. return to the shore, you can hear the salt better when you are dry and breathing easy. i'll leave you to the night, now. sweet loves, stay close and in love.

it was us, and the light-wave left. we returned to the shoreline and rested a bit. back to breathing. easy and soft. we put our ears to the opening of the seashell and we heard the sweetest of stories spill into our wild thoughts. they went a little like this:

hollow bone

a fisherman cast his net into the sea. a storm was beginning to form at the edges of the clouds, he could see the grey-purple fingertips slowly covering the cotton clouds. (read the rest of the wave's story here.)

tender moment

the sun rose over the sea, and the clouds caught each ray, perfectly. a sleeping mermaid opened her eyes and looked at the ocean floor. she could see the sun was barely waking up, and the drowsy rays created rainbows on the surface water, which was miles above her. (read the rest of the wave's story here.)

you + i, like string lights

to be written, soon.

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