when we met (the sea)

clouds with words: one of ten

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dedicated to solana: mermaid.musings
solana is one of my closest friends. i don’t go a day without talking to her (unless we’re both really busy). when we first met through instagram i instantly knew i wanted to meet her by the sea, we began planning a trip to california and getting to know each other. in a little over a year and a half we have grown our friendship into something like sisters, and i cherish this relationship.

i wrote this story to share my excitement for when we actually set a date for our mini getaway, book our flights and air bnb, and schedule our time with the sea. i hope you enjoy this refreshing story!


we had been planning this moment for three years.
and, here it was. the airport in california, where we agreed to meet.

we had planned our whole trip out, every detail we could think of. from the air bnb, the places we'd visit for brunch, the bookstores, and the shore lines, to the people we'd visit, the dinner spots, the art galleries and the streets or forests we'd wander through with paint brushes, pens, and journals. we planned which days we'd sleep in and which days we'd stay up with the moon. three years of endless ideas and questions and excitement. and, here we were.

i waited as patiently as i could for your flight to arrive, checking the time on my phone every few seconds. two hours and thirty minutes of waiting to finally meet you, and there you came down a flight of stairs and our excitement danced across our faces. i ran to embrace you as you rushed down to meet me. this was it. years of friendship and years of planning this (and more) moments. we were together, you and i, and the sea was calling our names.

we grabbed our luggage and made our way outside to catch a lyft to our air bnb. we had immediately started talking as if we hadn't missed a beat since our last text message conversation. i suppose it isn't that surprising, we keep up with each other every day- nothing goes untold and the miles hardly keep us from sharing our thoughts and memories. we asked our lyft driver, some lovely girl with auburn curls, what her favorite place to visit was and if she would like us to write her a poem. she told us her favorite ice cream shop and was excited about the poem. just two poets in her backseat with curious minds and eager words. by the time we arrived at our air bnb we had finished her poem and given it to her. we thanked her for a fun ride and exited her green car. we stood outside the air bnb for a few moments, taking in the location and the smell of the nearby sea. temporary home. you unlocked the door and we walked inside.

the home smelled of saltwater, we were over the moon about how simple and light the area was. the photos we had looked through two months ago couldn't begin to compare to what our eyes were seeing. we noticed a door leading to the sea and decided that our day one would be spent exploring the space we had rented. we intentionally left our arrival date without things to do, since we weren't sure how we would feel when we left the airport. making our way through the sandy backyard to the beach was beyond beautiful. it was about 5 p.m. and the waves were so inviting. they were almost begging us to stay for the rest of our trip. before we sat down and lost track of time i made sure that we went back to the house to put our belongings away and ordered us a small meal to be delivered while we settled into our week's home. by the time we had adjusted, our meal arrived and we packed it up to eat by the water.

we spent the next few hours rating our meal and the things we loved about our temporary home. we talked about projects we had been working on and our conversations from the week. anything and everything, as we always did- except, this time, it was you and i and the sea. we sat close enough to the ocean for the waves to touch our toes but not our food. a happy medium. soon the sun was beginning to set and we brought out some extra pillows from the house to lie beside the sea and watch the sky close its eyes.

it was everything we had planned for, yet everything unexpected and exciting.

the beginning of our getaway listening to the waves and each other's voices. a week's worth of adventures and conversations ahead of us. this moment was our first one, though. this moment was when we met. the sea bringing us together with silent words.

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