clouds with words


clouds with words is a series of ten stories dedicated to a handful of individuals who have made an impact in my life. i decided to title the series clouds with words because clouds hold rain, rain that pours against the earth to give life to plants, rivers, and to fill the ocean. in the same way, i hope that these stories will nourish the one whom the story is dedicated to, i hope that the stories will flow into each other, and i hope that the reader is able to remember one or two as favorites in a world where stories are constantly being shared.

i wanted to share this small collection to express my gratitude for these individuals, my inspiration within our relationships, and the creativity that rolls from each moment in each story.
a small description of my relationship with the person and a synopsis of the story can be found on each post. feel free to comment on any of them and share them with those who you think might enjoy!
the stories main navigation may be found below.


when we met (the sea)

dedicated to solana, a story about meeting on a california shoreline. read this story here.

medusa and her scales

dedicated to alexandria, a story about female empowerment through medusa. read this story here.

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