cheyenne raine | owner

Cheyenne Raine resides in the San Antonio light, pulling warmth and bliss into her lower-case lettered poetry. She writes the beauty amongst every scene, lacing diction to create vivid pictures. She is the owner of Raine Publishing, where she hopes to share her passion for poetry, prose, art and small business collaborations. Despite her drive for creating this publishing company, she also sets time aside to release collections of her own creative writings.

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theresa sopko ressa | co-owner

Theresa Sopko Ressa has long believed in the transformative, essential power of storytelling. She began writing almost as soon as she was capable of grasping a pencil. Her debut novel, “Bewilderment of the Eyes,” has received a warm response from critics, readers and fellow authors. Theresa describes her purpose this way: “I want to share my stories, and connect with others. I want to explore the worlds inside my head and always have characters to fall in love with.”

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alexandria lacy | Artist

Alexandria Lacy is a creative residing in Missouri, where she lives with her cat, Bean Dip. Alexandria finds inspiration from her many walks along the side of the road, where the wildflowers are in blossom and the clouds shape new ideas. She shares her work, like scattered notes, digitally on social media and by print through Etsy.




Regan Smith | photographer

Regan Smith is a writer and poet based in Columbus, Ohio. Regan is the creator of Introspective Collective, a poetic platform highlighting beautiful words all across the world. She performs spoken word poetry within the city, hosts write nights + readings, and is often steeping a botanical tea blend.

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Katie Galloway | editor

Katie Galloway is a writer and editor located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is the co-creator of BECOMING poetry workshops, which she hosts locally, encouraging creativity and vulnerability as a means of fostering connection and community. When she’s not working with words, you can find Katie creating through music, pottery, and film photography.