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Website Design


Website design by Cheyenne Raine.

Please read through the description of this service before purchasing to ensure that you understand the components of working with Cheyenne Raine to launch your website.

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Work with Cheyenne Raine to launch your new or improved squarespace website!

are you ready to start or redesign your website?

Whether it’s a blog, author or artist site, store, church, place of information or some other creative venture, Raine would be glad to help you out! If you want to see about arranging a payment plan (we understand, sometimes you just need smaller amounts at a time) feel free to email

We understand that many website designers charge well over $100, but we want to keep things sweet and simple for you. Donations are more than welcome, and at the end of the process, a final email will have a link to donate, or you can do so by navigating to our donate page.

what comes with my order?

  • Creating or implementing a brand style guide: logo, design elements, fonts, keywords and taglines, color palette, and photo styles

  • Setting up road map and designing pages: menus, pages with content, policy page, and store (if wanted)

  • Customized Squarespace domain (free) or purchased domain (new or transferred)

  • 6-month trial period to design and set up your site the way you want (process usually takes less than a month, though)

  • Help with connecting socials, newsletters, and other links to your site

  • Launch schedule along with customized announcements to help you create excitement about your new website

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