an open letter to luna

you are like creamy light pouring into my rib cages.

you are the sweetest and always the first to pick up those around you. i hope we bring you as much moonlight as you bring to us. your soul is a collection of stories we are all eager to hear and, even lovelier is how you share the stories of others.

i think you are the magical little sight of falling stars and comets that we can all sit down and watch, as you shower us with fires and sky art. isn't that something? we love you just as much as you love us. we cherish you. you help us grow. i hope we help you grow, too. i'd like to think that our bones are made of the same things, because, i'd like to call you my sister. my sister of moonlight. i think of you and i think of a freshly baked pie with apples and cinnamon. i think of wool sweaters and cotton sheets- oh so comforting. i think of raspberry tea and an open journal with words like: illuminate, fluorescent, radiant, bright, glowing, beaming, etc. i think of you and i smile, because you are always a sweet soul to think of.

i love you. you are truly a gift to us all. personally, the time you offer and the support you give is breath- taking. i don't know what i did to find a person like you and what i did to deserve someone so sweet, but here you are and you are the best.

with light + love,

Cheyenne RaineComment