an open letter to my sunshine

des (my one and only sunshine),
i gave you a yellow date, this year.

i want to give you more, though. yellow christmases, yellow valentines, yellow birthdays, yellow new years, yellow thanksgivings, yellow halloweens, and whatever else i've missed.

i want to craft silly and small things that you can hang on your walls, i want to buy you foods you can snack on, i want to write you simple letters and poems, i want to give you the color yellow in all i offer.

and, i know that not everything can be yellow, but i'll find a way to make it work. a vanilla flavored candy cane colored like cream. a box of golden candles. a lemon scented marker. i'll find a way, trust me.

i gave you a yellow date and watched you browse through poetry books. i bought you tea and snacks, love and light came with your laughter. i can't wait to see how many yellow things i give you in life.


Cheyenne RaineComment