an open letter to my boys

An Open Letter to my Boys
Michael & John- Michael
(Side note: no, they're not related! Lol.)

What can I say? You two have managed to turn my life upside down and drive me crazy. You two have managed to keep me up at night and make me more spontaneous. You two have convinced me that having two male roommates might just work out and might just be the best roommate experience I'll ever have. (Side note: I'll return to this post after we have moved in together and let you know if it really is the best!)

Michael: Goodness, our friendship is built on years of inside jokes and asking you what you see in the world up there, because I'm small and you're tall. I've gone through so many moods with you- talking to you almost everyday, keeping you up to date with my life and my goals. You keep me up to date with your crazy adventures and thoughts. I'm sure everyone has a friend like you, and I love you for your silliness- still, I appreciate you when you can be serious (I know it takes a lot of discipline to keep a straight face for an hour).

John- Michael: MEME KING. Lol. We jumped right into our friendship because Michael wanted you to move in with us. You're my "you better make him like you ASAP if you plan on living with him" emotion. And, guess what? It worked! You love me! (I think!) You're a little master mind, and, I haven't told you this, yet, but, when I think of you, I think of a little monkey rubbing his hands together and having an evil laugh *insert your attempt at an evil laugh*. You keep me focused and on track (well, except for those times that you want to do car races and what not).

Both of you are comedians. Both of you have your quirks. I cannot wait to hate you! Just kidding, kind of. You're my boys. You pick random times and random places to catch up (although, once we're all living together, I'm sure our meetings will be in our living room with Michael's corgi, Greg, telling us that we're too busy for him. Side note: sorry, Greg, working kids are hardly home! At least you'll have my pet snake and John- Michael's pet rock for company!)

@ Michael : I know you want to start a YouTube channel of our lives, but, please, do not put cameras in the restroom. That's just weird. I'll only allow the living room, kitchen, and your room (I think John- Michael will agree with me on this).

@ John- Michael : I know you want a pet rock. Don't you want a living thing, though? Like a fish. I'll get you a goldfish. That's settled. You better take care of it! Like you take care of your car!

@ Both of you : I know you want a TV in every room for your video games, but, come on. Can't you just play in the living room? Who am I going to talk to if everyone is locked away in their dark dungeons of technology and remote controls? 

Well, I'm sure you'll read more about us, later on, since we have so many cool things and good times planned. But, for now, I just wanted to share with you that I adore you guys. You make my life brighter. You make me spit out my drinks because of how funny you are. (Seriously, comedians.) You make me smile. You keep me motivated and ready to tackle tomorrow (after 10 AM, plz). 

always, your fav future roomie <3

 my twenty sixteen birthday wish was to go to a sunflower field, and the boys came through! &lt;3

my twenty sixteen birthday wish was to go to a sunflower field, and the boys came through! <3

To My Readers: Do you have two friends that drive you insane, yet, make you so happy that you just can't stand to be without them? If so, tell us what crazy adventures and moments you have shared with them! We'd love to know that we're not the only mad ones, here. ;)

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