an open letter to the sexually abused: part 2

below you will find a poem. a poem that blossoms from sexual abuse. as a sexual abuse survivor, and, since it is sexual abuse awareness month, i crafted this poem for those who need it. i've been in your place, where ugly questions sit on your tongue. yet, i am here to tell you, it gets better. i promise. nothing i say or do for you will heal you. you must heal yourself. choose yourself. it will take discipline, you have to make a routine out of self-love and empowering yourself. a routine. an everyday thing. yes, you'll have your bad days, but, they aren't constant. you'll have your good days. enjoy them. this poem is for your healing. you have to want it and you have to fight for it. i love you. don't let sour questions sting your voice, learn to release the salt and embrace the sunshine that sets in your skin.

the "what if's?"and the "why me's?"
will depress your spirit.

the question to ask yourself
when you look in the mirror
are the following:

what routine can i create to wake up
feeling refreshed and safe?
who should i surround myself with
to build me up and support me?
what hobbies can i begin
to focus my mind on positive thoughts?
where can i escape to when
my bad days overpower me?
what coping mechanisms work for me,
and how often should i do them?

ask yourself these questions.
forget about the what if's
and let go of the why me's.
they are in the past, there is nothing
you can do to change your story.

the only thing you are in control of
is how you will respond to today
and how you will set yourself up
for tomorrow, and everyday afterwards.
the only thing you are in control of
is creating your own safety net
and your own risks to take.
the only thing you are in control of
is choosing to smile and laugh,
despite what yesterday threw at you.

right now is your moment to exist.
be present, now, and choose
to heal and choose to fight for you joy.

Cheyenne RaineComment