an open letter to my best friend

An Open Letter to My Best Friend

You are everything I never imagined my best friend to be. You are everything I need.

I don't know what I would do without you, now, that you are in my life. I know we don't spend every weekend together, like we did when we first became friends. (Goodness, do you remember the countless times we leaned into each other with our backs against walls and laid next to each other on my living room floor while we talked?) Yet, that's alright. We're both in the middle of college and work, we're both learning to grow by ourselves and finding where we belong. That's okay.

We still keep up, as often as we can. And, we still go out. We still tell each other every burden we carry. And, we still tell each other things we refuse to reveal to anyone else. We still laugh at our first memories and we still have so much to learn about each other. That's okay.

We're not like most girl best friends who go on shopping dates and go to parties to hang out. Although, I promise I'm working on being more "girly" for your sake! We're definitely the stay on the couch and watch horror films (yeah, I know they scare you, but, they're my fav and you have to sit through that). We're definitely the late night drive, getting lost and finding some sweet place to talk the night away. Although, sometimes we're complete sleepy heads and call it quits at 9 pm. Lol, go us. We're definitely the let's go to the kitchen and make a meal, rather than go to a restaurant.  What can I say, we like it simple and personal. That's okay.

I write love letters for you and mail them out to you, because I know how much you love those little things. You tell me about neat things you see or hear about, because you know I love to create based off of inspirations. We're not the same sides of a coin, but we go together like salty air and ocean waves. That's okay.

You support me, in my crazy dreams and goals.
I support you, in your wild thoughts and passions.

There's something great about you and I, that no one would be able to understand. That no one would be able to grasp. We have our arguments, where you think I'm insane, and, I think you're stupid. Let's face it, we're not perfect and we don't see eye to eye. Yet, that's okay.

We make it work. We make it thrive. We make it blossom.
You and I work together, all the time, every time.

I love you more than I ever imagined, so much so that I am a bit dependent on you. And, while that is the scariest thing for me to be, I'm glad it is with you because our friendship is a part of my life. And, I know it's a part of yours, too. Thank you, for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

I love you, endlessly.


Your Best Friend.

To My Readers: What are some things that make you and your best friend's relationship unique? Let us know how crazy and perfect they make your life!

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