better than sunflowers

you are better than sunflowers. you are better than thunderstorms. you are better than crescent moons. you are better than ocean waves. you are better, and, you are, by far, the best. 

if that does not convince you that you are something amazing and stunning, then, read on. i have so many words that can't even begin to grasp how astonishing you are. truly. honestly. i don't have words for how speechless you leave me, and how i am trying, so hard, to just listen to who you are so that i might learn how to enjoy every piece of your existence.

you are always thriving, while the sunflowers will only begin to live in the summer heat.
you are reaching for the light in your life, constantly, and you play well with the darkness, too. sunflowers only focus on the sun.
you are a kaleidoscope of emotions, colors, lights, sounds, and senses. sunflowers only know how to grow and breathe.

i love sunflowers, so much; there's a house a block away from where i live, with a garden of sunflowers that always makes me smile, when i pass by. small and cheesy, i know. i know. now, imagine you. when i see you, i know i'll smile like a kid in a candy store. when i listen to you speak, i know i'll be all eyes on you and focused on your words and body language. when you are present in my life, all of me will lean into you, just to be close to your soul. (side note: oh, i smiled- like i saw the sunset for the first time with yellow and raspberry lights. when i listened to you, goodness, that voice i could take it in even more so than having my favorite songs on repeat. and, you? you are just jaw- dropping.)

you're better than yellow petals, because you are so much more than one little plant.
not even sunflower fields will satisfy me, when it comes to having you in my life.
you're better than thunderstorms, and that speaks in volumes because they bring me bliss and healing. you do the same. even better.
you're better than crescent moons, with their milky daydreams, sweet and gentle. you are even sweeter and softer with me. ah. *heart eyes* how am i supposed to leave the thought of you, when you are every bit of nature i have experienced?

you are better than ocean waves. take me away. into deeper currents. into deeper waters. deeper and far enough that i'll forget my name, because, with you, it is all soul + heart, all emotion + love.

Cheyenne RaineComment