sips by tea: october

sipsby opening

the tea is good, friends!

for october i decided to subscribe to a monthly tea box from a company called sips by!

i was kind of scared to give it a try because that was a whole $15 for four different teas i wasn’t sure i would enjoy, however IT WAS THE MOST MAGICAL EXPERIENCE EVER! and, keep in mind that sometimes we pay for things we end up not liking, and that’s okay- it’s the experience and the knowledge of finding out if it’s good or not that counts! lucky for me, it was all SO GOOD!

my box arrived on a friday afternoon and i couldn’t wait to open it up and start brewing some delicious teas! i’ll post a guide for brewing teas in my next sips by post!

to start off, sips by has you fill out a survey so that they get an idea of what to send you, based on your preferences of flavor, loose leaf/ bagged, etc. all of the teas i received were ones i hadn’t tried before, which was scary but thrilling! since i love a variety, i was not disappointed to see some teas i didn’t know and some that smelled a little funny, but all the tastes were heavenly and i’m already patiently awaiting my next box of teas to come in!

for my october box i received:

  • organic india’s thrive: green tea, ashwagandha, krishna tulsi, rama tulsi, vana tulsi, lemongrass, organic lemon flavor (all organic)

  • asheville tea co’s chamomile lavender: organic chamomile, lavender, locally-grown anise hyssop and tulsi

  • harney & sons’ pomegranate oolong: tie quan yin oolong with pomegranate flavor

  • ollt co’s organic jasmine green tea: fair trade green tea from fujian province, china, scented with jasmine flowers

tea photo

about sips by:

sips by™ is an austin-based startup founded by a small group of tea lovers who want discovering tea to be fun, personalized, and affordable. through our monthly tea subscription box, we'll inspire you to explore the big wide world of tea. from loose leaf tea to teabags, herbal tea to caffeinated tea, we're your one-stop online tea shop. connect with us on instagramfacebookpinterest, or youtube and get started today. we can't wait to share teas from around the world with you ✨

i know a tea box filled with unknown flavors seems risky, but i promise you that it is worth a try, so feel free to visit their website or social media channels! i cannot recommend them enough, and i look forward to receiving these monthly boxes in my mailbox! remember, if you’re not a fan, you may cancel your subscription, so don’t let a monthly charge stop you from trying this fun box! treat yo’ self, friends!

staging teas photo

as you all know, i am passionate about tea and supporting small businesses; sips by is a woman-owned business from austin, texas (a place i hope to call home sometime in 2019) and i cannot express how excited i was to find this subscription box! not only does supporting them mean that i get to support these amazing tea lovers, but i also get to support the tea companies that they work with!

help sips by thrive in today’s world, where we are constantly craving something that reflects us, as these teas are personalized to fit your likes and curiosity! visit their website at:

other items pictured:

  • bat light decoration from pier 1 imports (string lights available)

  • squirrel mug from target (wording: bright eyes and bushy tales)

  • watercolor moon from alexandria lacy (art pieces available on etsy)

  • honey spoons from target (assorted flavors available)

ratings of teas in october box:

  • organic india’s thrive: 4/5 saw an increase in my energy, maybe it was the scent, maybe it was the tea? who knows, who cares? worked like a charm!

  • asheville tea co’s chamomile lavender: 5/5 was the perfect tea to sip on while i dove into some horror books and films before bedtime, so yum!

  • harney & sons’ pomegranate oolong: 4/5 soft and sweet for slow mornings!

  • ollt co’s organic jasmine green tea: rating to come!

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