peach and caramel: pure leaf and yogi tea

this is my first post about tea (what? really? YUP!)

i am a big fan of tea. i love how “creative” you can get with it, simply by adding honey instead of sugar, adding fruits, different herbs, etc. there are endless possibilities!

with that said, i love to try new teas!

the first new tea (which i actually tried a while back) is pure leaf’s peach tea! what i loved most about this one was that it was soft, like a peach! it felt smooth and it tasted like it had a slice of a peach inside of it; and, it was warm, which is especially wonderful since it was still winter time and who doesn’t love a glass of freshly brewed tea? it was great! i also have their green tea with mint, but have yet to try it, so i’ll keep ya posted on that one!

the next tea i tried was yogitea’s bedtime: soothing caramel tea (it’s caffeine free, which is always the better option when you’re trying to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep)!

i was kind of hesitant, because caramel is really sweet, and i’m not a big fan of things that taste like sugar, sugar, and more sugar. i really do love flavors! so, i warmed up my water and added the tea bag with a little bit of sugar. (if you’re not familiar with yogitea, they have little inspirational and sweet notes on the label, the message on mine was: “be kind to others, but always be compassionate to yourself.”)

let me tell you, it was soooo good. i loved. loved. loved it! i will need to buy a whole package of this stuff for my slow evenings, especially with the autumn season coming up (cold nights are perfect for hot/warm tea)! i highly recommend both teas, if you like to try new teas and haven’t yet had the chance to try these!

by the way, if you’re wondering about the wonderful little glass bottle i use way too often, you can find it at world market (they have other designs available, too)!

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