morning air, morning light: regan smith

poetry book | 5/5 stars

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introspective collective

release date: september 5

book description
Morning Air, Morning Light is a poetry collection, stitching words together to depict sequential events: memories recorded, experiences documented, restoration tangibly read. 

These pages hold the anguish, the liberation, the messy in-between, and the turning transition. These are the moments I felt pulled to press to paper, the words that saved my life.

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my review
morning air, morning light is incredible. it is a story brought to you in poetry/ prose format, and it is the story of regan smith’s life and how she struggled with, yet overcame, the painful experiences she had to endure. it is each moment she arrived to, recorded and shared with you, in all her vulnerability and weakness. the strength of it all, though, is beyond me. regan does not hold back, which is understandable, as this is her first book and she has been working on it for years. and, it is finally here!

if you like poetry and honesty, healing and personal narratives, then i would highly suggest picking up regan’s book and soaking it in.

also, i am biased because i know regan, personally, and she is such a warm ray of honey- her words ooze with the sticky sweet yellow, even though some of the pieces were hard to swallow and had darker undertones. the fact remains that regan smith exposes her soul so that others may see that there is always hope and always healing. morning air, morning light is delicately crafted with faith and recovery.

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