easy to please

i am writing this for you. perhaps, you are like me. you are whole, even though you are alone. you are all you need. and, maybe, you are the one who is trying to complete the other.

yet, here's the thing about pleasing whole people, you cannot complete us. your presence in our life is one of joy, but, we don't depend on you for happiness. we create our own bliss, you are, simply, another good moment we choose add to our lives.

i promise, i'm not trying to make this difficult to understand. if you are like me, you know how much someone special means. yet, you know that they are not the center of the universe. if you are trying to love someone who is whole, you need to understand that we adore you for all the little things you do. we adore you for your soul and existence. you don't have to go overboard with anything, simply give us good times.

here are some thoughts that come up when i think about how easy to please i am (maybe you can relate):

i'm easy to please. give me sunflowers you picked from the side of the road on your way to see me.
i'm easy to please. let me spoil you, and your smiles, your hugs and your kisses are more rewarding and cherished than any diamonds and expensive dates could ever be.
i'm easy to please. take me to the ocean, or let me take you. i miss the salty waves, they know how to wash away the dirt from our messy lives.
i'm easy to please. talk to me about what drives your soul crazy, what you are most passionate about, what gets you going. tell me everything. don't leave anything out. the way your eyes light up leaves me breathless.
i'm easy to please. you don't have to keep up with me, i will come around when you are ready, and i'll try not to overwhelm. i'll be good for you. you may rest while i paint the sunset in your sky.
i'm easy to please. listen to my poems, try to feel them, try to understand. if you can't, don't worry, i have time to explain. i have time to unravel for you.
i'm easy to please. dance with me in the rain, jump into the deep end of the lake, with me.
i'm easy to please. i don't need all of your time. i don't need your life. i just need small moments, here and there, with you.
i'm easy to please. let me tell you cheesy jokes and try smooth talking my way into your laughter.
i'm easy to please. tell me that you thought of me because of something you saw. you don't have to go into a deep conversation with me, just tell me this, and my day will be wonderful, thanks to your small comment.
i'm easy to please because i am whole, all by myself. the most you could ever do for me is to share moments of bliss. more memories of light for me to keep close to my heart.

it's okay if you are whole. it's okay if you are trying to fill up someone who is full. for everyone, this is a learning process. we must learn to adjust to each others presence, find a comfortable way to breathe. find a way to breathe, together.

let me know if this helps. let me know if you relate. i know i am not alone in feeling this way. it is so easy to let go, since i am complete. still, reminiscing on good moments will always feel like a piece of heaven. learning to embrace all the changes that come my way has been the loveliest, and i can't wait to see what unfolds for me.

Cheyenne Raine2 Comments