dreams, goals and projects


why hello!

raine poetry has become more than i could have imagined. it's no longer just poetry, but, poetry is where i began, and it will always be where i come from. so, this blog post is just a little inside info to let you know some big things i have planned and upcoming for this sweet escape of mine!

i published two books this year (2017) and i look forward to continuing this process of creating books for you to keep and enjoy in your home. all of my books, and even my recommendations (poetry & novels) will be on my "book" page. of course, i like to keep everything organized, so my collections will be the first items listed, and my bookshelf will exist below! my bookshelf is the least i could do to support my writer friends in having links to purchase their own creations, it's always nice to grab a few books at a time, right?

poetry and prose:
as always, my daily scribbles and thoughts can be found on my social media pages, links to my available media can be found near the footer of my website, mostly @rainepoetry on instagram, twitter, facebook and pinterest. most of my updates can be seen through these pages! however, you also have the option to subscribe to my newsletter, where i share more poetry, prose, and letters to my readers. you can subscribe here: raine poetry newsletter.

this was a new journey i tip toed into. and, what can i say, i fell in love with it! my stories can be found on my storytelling page. they are not complete novel length stories. these are short wisps of imagination, light, shadows and events. there's really no clear story line, everything just sort of falls into place with every sentence you take in. i think they're good for an afternoon lunch sitting in the sun.

this is an upcoming project. i hope to use iTunes and/ or Spotify to bring you my stories, but read out loud, so that they are easy to listen to when you're on the go, in the car, or maybe you just prefer stories being told out loud. keep an eye out for this project's launch- i so look forward to it!

spoken word:
my youtube channel is up and running, and, i am hoping that i can stay up to date with it, posting a poetry piece once a month. feel free to subscribe to my channel, so that you never miss a post! maybe, with time, i'll be able to post "about me" videos, some of my favorite events and experiences, and more! but, for now, spoken word poems are the roots of my youtube channel.

this part of my website is still a work in progress, but, it's very much like my bookshelf. this page will show you some of my favorite local shops! and, by local, i mean small and personal! i reside in san antonio, texas, however, many of my small shop favorites are local to california, new york, virginia areas. so, here's where you can find a variety of items ranging from candles, art, personal care, and online courses! shop small when possible!

my open letters are always posted when i feel the need to write one for whatever occasion, however, i'm hoping to find an easier flow in creating these letters once a month, dedicating them to special people or a certain topic. feel free to share them as needed, especially if you see your friends in them!

this blog is a mixture of my thoughts and adventures, with that said, i hope it becomes more frequent that i share my thoughts and reflections, photography and art here. it helps you get to know me, while also organizing the things i've done in this little wild life.

all of these projects can be seen through my social media pages OR by subscribing to my newsletter, where i share upcoming things, releases, words, and photography!

thank you for sticking around, xo.


Cheyenne Raine