dia de los muertos | 2017


october 28, 2017

la villita, downtown, san antonio, texas.

i came with two of my friends. one friend and i plan on moving in with next year (if all goes well) and the other friend, his girlfriend. we've spent so much time together, all of us. the other roommate was unable to come with us, that's fine. we still have plenty of good times, even when one of us is missing!


i planned to be there for a couple of hours, downtown sa can be quite hectic around this time, with dia de los muertos celebrations filling the city up with life. it's the most beautiful and breath-taking time of the year. i enjoy this time even more than christmas. the city comes to life with everything that is buzzing.

you could smell beer (lots of it) and meat! there were so many food stands up and running. hungry tummies came to eat! i let my friends walk around and find the food they wanted to eat while i sat in front of one of our local jewelry stores, the equinox gallery. this time a few years ago i had performed poetry, just three small pieces, at this gallery. 


this time i came to enjoy, and since my friends had never attended this lovely event, i invited them along. i was hoping to meet a stranger, and make a new friend, but i was mesmerized by the way people moved through the small paths. this time last year i wrote "shimmering heat/ is flooding through the stone paths/ full of curious souls". i didn't add to that poem for months. i loved it as it was. the mystery and simplicity of this event held in a few lines.

i wish you could experience this with me. i know many of my readers are from out of town, and i love that. if you ever find yourself traveling to san antonio, come in late october/ early november. it is such a delight. a moment worth experiencing! and, of course, if you plan on coming down, let a girl know- i'd love to meet you and show you some of san antonio's local delights!

here are a few extra photos from this lovely evening:

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