bakery lorraine

pastries? yes, please!

bakery lorraine (located in san antonio, texas) is one of my most favorite little bakery chains!

i was so excited to try their treats, and i’ve gone back at least once a month (or ordered them through uber eats- use the code: “eats-cheyennec2678ue” for $5 off your next order!)

so, if you’re looking for a nice way to treat yourself before the summer ends, i’d say that it’s about time you planned your visit to bakery lorraine!

so far, my favorite treats are:
- tarts
- almond croissants
- iced tea (they have honey for you to add in it!)

i’m not going to go into details about how everything tasted, because all i can say is YUM. their bakeries are all great spots for professional meetings, dates, going out with friends for the morning/ afternoon, studying, and pretty much everything. they have indoor and outdoor seating, nothing beats the cute spaces they create for you to enjoy more than just the food!

their sandwiches look really good too, i’ll have to update you on those when i have a chance to try them later! oh, and they have a breakfast menu, too! so, what are you waiting for? time to grab your keys and head to one of their locations in san antonio!
and they serve sky springs rain (bottled water) from austin, texas! and, it is so good!

find more info about the bakery and their locations on their website:

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