poetry publishing company
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The vision for Raine Poetry is that it will be a publishing company, which entails working with authors and artists in order to produce timeless poetry collections that a variety of people will enjoy.

The main office (location to be determined) will have a main store area, where books and refreshments will be available, that will function as both a store and event space for signings and readings, or any other projects that might occur through Raine Poetry. Books will be kept in stock to mail out when orders are processed, and we hope that packages will be customized to reflect the author and book themes (with personalized items like bookmarks, coffees/teas, and more).

Authors that publish through Raine Poetry will have the opportunities to share their books worldwide in various formats (hard cover, paperback, e-book, pages thick enough for art, cream/ white/ colored pages, etc.). Authors will work with Raine Poetry creatives (editors, artists and others) heavily to plan events, book launches, donating to organizations (if wanted), and more! We want the book experience and author life to be as hands on and enjoyable as possible for our future authors! Submissions will be open year-round to take away the stress of trying to have a manuscript done by a certain time, however, once a book is accepted a plan will be created to ensure that it is released by a certain date and any signings/ readings to follow.

This publishing company will have in-house artists, editors, event coordinators, and photographers who will work with authors and the company to help with projects. While Raine Poetry’s main focus is releasing poetry books, it will also be involved with projects outside of books! The hope is that all the creatives and employees that we will have on board will be given opportunities that they wouldn’t find in other places, such as traveling for events, working with organizations that they know and love to come up with projects to help those organizations, exploring options for limited edition products through their work (art prints, jewelry, home decor, etc.) and other avenues of experiences. Raine Poetry would also love to focus on furthering the education of our creatives by having them attend unique workshops that they feel they could benefit from.

Overall, Raine Poetry will not be just a publishing company, but a resource for creatives and a space for endless beginnings for new and unique projects! Please consider helping us to start this company by purchasing any of Cheyenne Raine’s books, using any of her services, or donating directly through PayPal!

If you’re interested in working with Raine Poetry once the company is up and running, feel free to send an email through the form below! Thank you for your time and support!

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rape crisis center

WHO they serve

anyone impacted by sexual violence, including men, women and children, and their non-offending friends and family members.

WHAT they do

support and empower survivors and educate the community to end sexual violence. they help to ensure a responsive medical community, sensitive law enforcement and an active prosecution system. they offer a continuum of care- from intervention to prevention and advocacy, including wrap-around resources.

they provide 24-hour crisis intervention, free and confidential counseling and a prevention education program that promotes healthy relationships and advances social change. they not only create awareness through presentations, but also through events, campaigns and dynamic partnerships and collaborations.

WHY it matters

everyone deserves to feel safe and respected. when communities are grounded in the values of equity and inclusion, individuals are able to live their fullest potential, social networks flourish and whole populations thrive in safe and healthy conditions.