giveaway has ended.

RCC Giveaway Main Prize

i have decided to host a donation giveaway in which 75 % of the proceeds will go to the rape crisis center. as a sexual abuse survivor, their non-profit organization means the world to me and i'd like to help support them, while also having a little fun with you in this giveaway! the rules are simple: donate at least $1 for a chance to win one of three prizes!

main prize: 'maroon daydreams' and 'charcoal thunderstorms' (my books), 'bones in the garden' by mckayla debonis, 'bewilderments of the eyes' by theresa sopko, and 'almost as good as flowers' candle by evil queen.

two smaller prizes: 'maroon daydreams' (my book), 'semicolon' by mckayla debonis, and 'bewilderments of the eyes' by theresa sopko.

please note that each dollar contributed is worth one entry ($1 = 1 entry, therefore, $10 = 10 entries). winners will be emailed directly through the email they provide to let them know that their prize will be mailed to them within the week.

the rape crisis center of san antonio texas was one of my first steps in my healing journey. they offer free counseling to the sexually abused and those impacted by the abuse (family, friends, partners, etc.). i highly trust and believe in their mission: to heal and prevent further cases of sexual violence. they host events throughout the year to bring awareness to the communities within san antonio. follow the link on their name to read more about them.

week 1 (april 1 - 7):
this is the first week of promoting this giveaway! i am so very excited because it is helping an organization that literally changed my life and helped me to form healthy habits and coping mechanisms. this thursday (april 5) i will be performing spoken word at their "take back the night" event (watch this space for updates) and i am so excited to present to them the poems i have spent hours writing and editing! all to give the community empowerment, healing, light and awareness. please, don't hesitate to share this link and mission with your friends and family! the more donations, the better! i promise it is going to a wonderful non-profit organization that will put the donation to good use.

week 2 (april 8-14):
this week completely surprised me in how many people chose to donate and spread the word! i cannot express what it means to me that you are choosing to support a great cause. i plan on working with the rape crisis center more often, so maybe i'll have some more fun giveaways and projects to share with you!

week 3 (april 15-20):
last week! we have surpassed my original goal of raising at least $100. and, that alone leaves me speechless. a few people donated without the wish to enter the giveaway, and that brings me to tears. really. the rape crisis center was where i started my healing journey and my family and i have received such comfort and support through them, from individual counseling, group therapy and family events to bring us all together... i can't tell you how much this non-profit organization means to me. and, it means even more that you all are helping me to support them!

side note: the rape crisis center has a 24-Hour Hotline for you or anyone you know needs a listening ear in their time of need: 210-349-7273