poetry publishing company
(current goal $349)

i had this big, exciting, and wonderful idea to open up a small poetry publishing company, which would carry over my current services and books to fit within the company. i would love to have the main office set in austin, texas, where the authors and my future team could come together and work on projects or hold events at. i cannot fund this project alone (currently) and while i’m looking for small business aids, i’d love this to be a community effort, because in the end this company is going to benefit you: the readers, writers, designers, bloggers, and creatives. this company will be a place for you to start. to grow. to jump into your passions!

i hope you’ll help me in funding this company, if you can’t help right now, share the story with your friends! you never know who might want to keep this company in mind for their future projects!

right now, my main focus is getting raine poetry registered as a business, once i have that down, i’ll go ahead and move on to the next step.

$349 to register raine poetry as a business.

i do not currently have a donation link available, i want to have this business plan set up before i create that link. however, if you want to donate, you can submit a payment to my paypal and i’ll set it aside for my publishing company goal!

thank you so much!


rape crisis center

WHO they serve

anyone impacted by sexual violence, including men, women and children, and their non-offending friends and family members.

WHAT they do

support and empower survivors and educate the community to end sexual violence. they help to ensure a responsive medical community, sensitive law enforcement and an active prosecution system. they offer a continuum of care- from intervention to prevention and advocacy, including wrap-around resources.

they provide 24-hour crisis intervention, free and confidential counseling and a prevention education program that promotes healthy relationships and advances social change. they not only create awareness through presentations, but also through events, campaigns and dynamic partnerships and collaborations.

WHY it matters

everyone deserves to feel safe and respected. when communities are grounded in the values of equity and inclusion, individuals are able to live their fullest potential, social networks flourish and whole populations thrive in safe and healthy conditions.