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goal: $400* (currently raised: $211)

raine poetry publishing co. will be publishing poetry collections of all topics and backgrounds. this company is dedicated to building an intimate community between authors, artists, book bloggers, readers, creatives and non-profits/companies! in order to successfully launch each book, a customized plan will be set in motion once the book is approved and will involve the community. each book is required to donate a portion of its profit to a non-profit or company that the author (or raine publishing) supports.

opportunities for bloggers and other creatives will be provided through each book and event. workshops, readings, signings, retreats and more will also be available through the company.

does this sound like a company you’d love to support and be involved in? consider donating to help us launch by fall of 2019!


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* the cost of a $400 start up includes the fee or registering raine poetry publishing co. as a business in texas (where it will be located, although mostly online) and supplies to help us start!

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