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if you have been following along with my journey through this platform, then, you've definitely heard me mention that i am in the process of registering rainepoetry as a business! (if you've missed the news, ta-da! here it is! i'm hoping to get rainepoetry up and running by the end of 2018!)

unfortunately i cannot open up my website design service or sell any services (such as poetry/ novel manuscript editing, poetry courses/ workshops, magazine design, or any of the other projects i have lined up) until rainepoetry is registered. it will cost about $400, and i am asking for donations because i actually have some things to offer you if you donate!

i can't do this on my own, and i could use your support! here are some ways you can help:

> pre-order a book bundle from my shop! all bundles will be mailed out on saturdays of the week starting july 28! the book bundles include a copy of maroon daydreams, charcoal thunderstorms, a 5x7 artsy poem, and a couple of other sweet surprises!

> submit your poetry/prose manuscript to me for editing, my editing guidelines will have a link to where you can donate if you want to! (this is a service i currently do for free, and donations are more than welcome- please note that this service is only for poetry/prose manuscripts. i have not yet opened up the service for novels!)

> fill out the donation form by clicking donate and add the note "website design" and i will be sure to get in touch with you! while i cannot offer my service as a product, i can still take donations to help you start and manage your website! (donations under $30 will not be processed for website designs due to the nature of the service taking time to learn about the website you want to build and putting it together for you.)

> click donate and choose the amount you'd like to give, with no strings or services attached (although i hope you don't mind if i send you snail mail, as i'd still love to give you a proper thank you and treat for supporting my dream!) if you don't want to donate through my website, you may also submit a donation through paypal!


not sure you want to have me design your website? here's what theresa sopko has said about working with me:

Working with Cheyenne on my website was the simplest and most enjoyable process for a multitude of reasons. To begin with, Cheyenne is so approachable and kind that I felt perfectly comfortable expressing myself and my wishes for my website. She’s so creative and knowledgeable that all I had to do was fill out some basic information and give here a brief description of my vision and she took it and put her creativity to work. Plus, she thinks of everything-there are aspects of my website that I never even considered that she set up for me. I was especially appreciative of how patient she was with me, answering every question I had promptly and graciously and, if she didn’t know an answer off hand, she took it upon herself to find the answer. Cheyenne knows the importance of an effective website and will go out of her way to make sure it represents your brand perfectly.
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on my poetry/prose editing service:

"Working with Cheyenne has been such a fantastic experience! She offers amazing advice and helpful tips to improve your work to the highest degree! I love working with her and will always use her editing services or recommend her because she is just easy and lovely to work with!" - mckayla debonis