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what is raine publishing?


Raine publishing, a shortened name for Raine Poetry Publishing Co., is a publishing company that works with writers, artists, book bloggers, non-profits, organizations and other creatives to release timeless poetry books.

The vision for each poetry book that the company releases is that a portion of the profit will go towards a non-profit or organization that the author or company is passionate about supporting and that authors have a chance to work with small businesses to create personalized projects based on their books. Poetry from a variety of voices and experiences will be highlighted through the company. Raine Publishing hopes to reach readers of all ages and backgrounds through these collections.

Authors will have the opportunity to work with in-house editors and designers to help them with their book, website, social media, and more! Raine Publishing is always looking for ways to encourage community through events and collaborations, so be sure to keep an eye out for projects released through the company and its creatives!

Opportunities and projects may be found throughout the company’s site. Book bloggers, photographers, editors and marketing assistants are more permanent positions that will open once the company launches. Raine Publishing will begin as an online business until it is able to open physical spaces across the United States.

When the company is able to open it’s official office and store building, there will be internship and part-time jobs available. Other unique jobs include tea, coffee, and small treat enthusiasts to help the store in welcoming daily visitors, as well as treating customers to local delights and tastes. Monthly book events and displays from small and local businesses in multiple areas of services and products will also be featured in Raine Publishing’s physical store.

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