create a project for your book


what do we mean by “a project”?

Books are already hard work to create. Then, to publish? And, now we want you to think about creating a project for your book? Yup! We are aware that this is an unnecessary step, but we are here to tell you why you should consider it (please note that authors published through Raine Publishing are required to have at least one project for their book).

A project for your book can be as simple as having limited edition art posters made or as complex as having a book discussion box curated for small book clubs and classroom settings.

how to go about starting your book project

First, you’ll need to consider your book. What is it about? Who is it for? If you were to create a project, would it be simply to accent your book, or would you like it to be a collaboration of sorts to highlight the book and someone you' decide to collaborate with?

Here at Raine Publishing we have an upcoming community of small businesses who are eager and willing to work on book projects with our authors. These small businesses specialize in all sorts of creative fields, authors are encouraged to scroll through the community and pick at least one small business they’d like to work with. Raine Publishing will then arrange a meeting for the author, their small business of choice, and the company, so that we may all go over potential project ideas and what the project will entail for all parties involved.

If you are not an author with Raine Publishing, you may still reach out to the small businesses in our community! Or, if you have other small businesses in mind, reach out to them and let them know who you are, about your book, and about your interest in working with them on a book project.

how do book projects work?

Depending on the project that is decided upon, the collaborators have a chance to gain exposure, make a profit, share their talents, or simply celebrate the book’s release.

The nature of the project is completely up to the collaborators and having them decide what the best plan of action is to create and manage the project. So, are you ready to plan your book project? Working on your book is the biggest project you’ll complete, but we hope that after reading this blog post you’ll consider starting another project to help celebrate your book!

Keep an eye out for a future post with project ideas and the release of our community members! Let us know in the comments what amazing projects you’ll be planning, or keep it a secret and come back to leave a link in the comments of the project you completed so we can celebrate your success!