bookish posts for your blog

Starting your book blog is always exciting! Or, maybe you’re wanting to re-brand your blog!

This post is dedicated to ideas you could use to schedule and plan for your book blog. So, feel free to take notes and try some of these items out on your blog!

  • Traditional Book Review

    Includes the book cover, synopsis, and your review. (Could also include information about the author and links to the book or the author.)

  • Book Cover Contest

    Pick or take submissions for a contest to judge what book has the best book cover. If you’re picking from a selection of books, you can judge the book covers from a certain author, a certain genre, a certain season’s release, your latest book haul, or from the books you have on your top shelf! If you’re taking submissions, try to announce it on your social media or send out emails/direct messages to interested authors. Be sure to include links on your post, whether it’s a link of where to purchase the book, a link to your past review, even a link to the author or book artist. Be sure to type up an intro and finish your post with the winner!

  • Author Interview

    Just finished a book you absolutely love? Try to reach out to the author by email or social media to see if they might be interested in doing an interview with you. This interview can include backstory on what inspired their book, a peek into certain parts of the book, or all about the author themselves! Be sure to have an idea of what you want this post to look like so that whether you have to interview them via email or a phone call, you can be sure to be considerate of their time.

  • book blogger interview

    Like the author interview, find an interested book blogger or one of your book blogger friends to interview! This interview can cover a book both of you have read, their style of reviews, about them and other fun items.

  • book haul

    Share your book haul from your trip to the bookstore or the stack of books you want to read for the month. Maybe share what makes you excited about those specific books, too!

  • behind the scenes: prepping for a review

    What are some things you do to prep a review? Share a behind the scenes with photos and descriptions on your routine.

  • behind the scenes: picking a book to read

    Reflect on the thoughts that go through your mind when you’re deciding on a book to read. Is it the cover? The title? Do you peek inside? Do you check online for reviews or a synopsis ahead of time? Spill the beans with your subscribers and followers!

  • behind the scenes: book-ish life

    What does it mean to you to be a book blogger? How does it affect your life- are there positives and/or negatives? What goes into being a book blogger for you? Share a peek into your life and passion!

  • favorite reads of the month, season, or year

    Much like a book haul, share the reads you loved for a certain time frame! Share links to your past reviews or share a new overall review.

  • playlist for a book

    Have you ever thought about making a playlist during or after reading a book? Now is a good time to start! Share the songs that remind you of the book while you’re reading or after you’ve finished reading!

  • quotes from a book

    Compile your favorite quotes and share them as a list, or take it one step further and explain why those quotes impacted you.

  • theme books to read (books for introverts, halloween reads, new year books, etc.)

    Like the book haul, share a list of books you associate with a certain theme. Need help with finding a theme? Think of the seasons, special holidays, types of people or types of moods. Think of books that match a film or song you love, or be creative and come up with a list of books that define you!

  • book aesthetic (with photography, gifts, songs, and more)

    After or with your book review include an aesthetic of the book. Include your photography, gifts and treats you associate with the book- songs, movies, people, etc.

Be sure to follow your favorite book bloggers for more ideas to bring to your blog, or simply to see refreshing posts in your own feed!