is being published right for your book?


we’ve all been there: to submit my book to be published by a publisher or to self-publish?

Traditional publishing involves getting a deal with a publisher to release your book. Sometimes agents help you land this deal, other times you land it on your own. self-publishing doesn’t require you to land a deal.

raine publishing is unique in the fact that we want to involve authors in the process of creating their book, if they choose to be a part of the process.

Raine Publishing would take care of editing the book, creating the book interior and exterior art (authors will have a chance to meet with an in-house graphic artist to come up with their art ideas), printing the book, arranging events for you (authors are required to hold at least one event after their book’s release), and creating a buzz and marketing your book (authors are also given similar resources to self-promote outside of the company)!

Self-publishing, on the other hand, leaves all the work up to the author. This includes sending their manuscript to editors (usually 1-2 editors), creating their own book art or finding a graphic designer to do it, and setting up their book to be sold (usually through amazon). Self-published authors pay for all these things while also marketing and promoting their books.

Most authors feel validated if and when they land deals with publishers for their work, however, this should not be a reason why you submit to a publisher. Self-publishing is not a last minute decision. Most authors do their research on both publishing avenues and choose which works best for them and their book.

here are a few helpful articles to help you decide whether or not being published is right for you and your work:

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Please keep in mind that the articles refer to most traditional publishing houses. While Raine Publishing is publishing company, our structure differs from other companies. We want authors to feel in control yet trust that we are working hard to produce a timeless book for them. So, if you have questions about publishing with us, send an email to

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