being an author at raine publishing

so, what’s it like to be an author here?

well, we’re not open yet, but we can tell you what you have to look forward to!


who are we looking for?

Raine Poetry Publishing Co. wants to invest in authors who showcase timeless pieces of poetry, prose and short stories. Our main focus is, of course, poetry, but we’re more than happy to work with other creative fields as long as the book itself is a poetic masterpiece!

We are looking for authors who share parts of their soul in their works, coming from a variety of backgrounds: different cultures, levels of education, experiences, ages, locations and more. The books published through our company will be soaked in the identity, imagination, creativity and the stories our authors want to share with the world.

what are some things you should know before submitting your book to the company?

We ask that you familiarize yourself with the company and team since you will hopefully be working with us. Plus, we want you to make sure that this is where you would like your book to be published and that it fits who you are as an individual and as a writer.
A great place to start learning about the company is by clicking here.
You can meet our staff by clicking here.

are there any requirements authors need to meet before submitting?

Yup! But, don’t worry, they’re not wild or crazy. Although, if you don’t like tea the company’s owner might really question your lifestyle (just kidding)! Here are our requirements:

  • author must be 18 years or older

  • author must be a united states resident (unfortunately we have to wait to open our international submissions)

  • after the author’s book has been approved, the author must approve that they give the company permission to publish their work (don’t worry, the copyright will fall under the company AND the author so that the author may use their work how they wish for future projects!)

  • author must agree to a non-profit, organization, or company (whose mission they support) to receive a portion of the profit from their book’s sales

  • authors must be willing to work with Raine Publishing’s staff and adhere to a schedule of events and potential projects in regard to the creation and publishing of their book

what are some items that authors will work on once their book is accepted?

Here’s the fun part!

Authors whose manuscripts are accepted into the company will begin the book creation process immediately. Authors have the chance to work with our in-house graphic designer for the interior and exterior art of their book. Authors will have the opportunity to work with full-time book bloggers through the company’s affiliate program for exclusive interviews about themselves, their book, and any projects they are currently working on or hope to work on.

Authors will also work with Raine Publishing in planning at least one event for their book’s release. (Don’t worry, we’re not throwing our authors to the wolves, we work one-on-one with authors to ensure that they are prepared and comfortable with this event.) If an author chooses to plan a tour, or anniversary events, then we also work with them to plan those!

Authors will also have the opportunity to create a project with their book! Projects are recommended through the community, potential projects could be:

  • limited edition art prints of their book cover or book quote excerpt

  • small magazine of photography to go along with book quote excerpts

  • video of book reciting (all in a series or selected pieces)

  • spoken word video

  • t-shirts with book quote or art

  • limited edition custom book packages (include book, tea/coffee, bookmark, enamel pin, stickers or other items)

  • book club conversation package (includes book, print-outs to help discussion and customized journals with book art)

  • postcards with book art and quote

  • special jewelry pieces to go with book

  • special accessories to go with book

  • and any other creative ideas authors might have after viewing the community!

does this sound like the perfect place for you and your book? here’s how to submit your book to us:

We accept new manuscripts and manuscripts of books you want to be transferred to us from another publisher.

Fill out the submission form on our service page by clicking here and we will be in touch with you via email with instructions on how to properly send your manuscript to us. In case you want to prepare your manuscript ahead of time, this is what we request: a .pdf file of your manuscript that includes ONLY your written work along with a cover page of the book’s title and your author name.

You will hear back from us within two weeks about whether or not your manuscript was accepted.

have questions?
feel free to leave a comment and we’ll be sure to reply!
or, send us an email at