5 reasons you should start a book blog (and tips to be a successful blogger)

Enjoy reading books? Starting your own book blog could open up many opportunities for you and Raine Publishing has 5 reasons why you should start your own book blog today! (We also have some tips and tricks on being a successful blogger, so sit down with your cup of coffee or tea, a pen and your notepad to start planning your blog with us!)

  1. Free books!

    When you have a book blog with 2+ reviews that Raine Publishing loves (referring to your style and reviews), you have the chance to apply to become an Affiliate Member, which gives you access to the company’s library. Our library includes poetry and prose books, as well as some short story books, novels and other creative works. Being an Affiliate Member not only gives you access to read and review these books, but exclusive access to order Advanced Reader Copy packages, which have a hardcover or paperback copy of the book, a bag of tea, a bag of coffee, and some other treats for you to enjoy before the book officially releases!

  2. Meeting fellow bloggers

    The most rewarding perk of being a book blogger is meeting fellow book bloggers who enjoy reading as much as you do! Here at Raine Publishing we push building intimate community with our authors, bloggers, small businesses and those working with the company. Seeing the community come together over books we release and watching friendships begin and grow takes our breath away! Imagine your fellow book bloggers as friends at a book club that are eager and excited to not only discuss the books you two are reading, but interested in getting to know you and being your friend!

  3. Meet authors

    Having your own book blog starts you off with a platform. Growing your platform might even get the authors of your favorite books to notice you! Raine Publishing encourages our authors to interact with our Affiliate Members, so joining our Affiliate Program should automatically put you on our author’s radar of people to know and meet! Author’s have a soft spot for book bloggers because the work you do not only helps spread the word about their book but also helps them to build their community and circle of friends, which will now include you!

  4. Your creativity begins to shine through

    Writing reviews can be easy or hard, depending on your style of reviewing books. And, for the most part, your book blog will consist of book reviews. However, you’re definitely not limited to doing just reviews! Share book cover contests, host interviews with authors or fellow book bloggers, share your book haul and what you’re excited for, have a behind the scenes preview of how you prepare to read a book or your favorite things to reflect on when you’re writing your review. Be creative with your blog so that you never lose your spark and your passion for doing what you love: reading!

  5. Your book collection is now out of hand

    Starting your book blog gives you access to e-books *excited face* and discounts on hardcover/ paperback books (at least here through Raine Publishing!)- which means that your online bookshelf will now be overflowing AND the bookshelf in your hallway will soon need a sibling for all the new books you’re going to want to keep! You could almost start your own little library…

So, now you have five reasons to start a book blog satisfying your bookworm heart.
Starting is easy enough, especially with tools like Wordpress and Goodreads, where book blogging is natural and building one’s following quick and easy. But, how do you become successful?

Here are some tools we recommend to help you make sure that your book blog goes above and beyond even your own expectations:

  • Create an email dedicated solely to your work as a book blogger
    This will help channel all your projects and inquiries in a more refined way, plus it looks more professional when you have readers and authors submit an email to “taylors.shelf@gm…” rather than “taylorsmith123@gm…” We highly recommend using Gmail due to all the features Google provides to you besides just an email (YouTube account, Google Calendar, Google Drive with Docs, Sheets, Drawing, etc., and Google Hangouts).

  • Add your blog schedule to your Google calendar or your phone calendar
    Planning your blogs allows you to plan your social media posts so that you stay on track and up to date with your book-ish accounts, while also ensuring your focus to complete and post your blogs on time.

  • Create social media accounts dedicated to your book blog
    Social media is one of the fastest ways (and free!) to market your book blog, having an account set up specifically for your book blog will help readers and authors notice you, especially when you use these tools regularly and efficiently.

  • Use Canva to create graphics for your blog and/or social media
    Graphics are important when it comes to your blog, a blog with just words is hard to follow, therefore breaking the text with graphics and images helps readers to take in every part of the post, rather than fall into a rabbit hole of words. Tools like Canva for graphics or Unsplash for images will come in handy when formatting your blog posts (both are free to use).

  • Try to post once a week or once every two weeks
    In the beginning you’ll have so much energy and passion towards starting, that you might go crazy and try posting every day, but take a deep breath and really plan this out. Use your calendar to schedule posts, Wordpress and Goodreads both allow you to schedule when your post will release, so if you want to write every day but schedule your posts for later, that’s perfectly fine! And, remember, your subscribers/followers are most likely reading a variety of bloggers- don’t overwhelm them with an abundance of posts by you in their feed- stretch it out to at least one post a week.

  • Start with books you’ve already read
    You don’t need to break the bank by buying new books to start your blog, start with your favorites and books you’ve already read. Visit the library to refresh your mind on their content and stories.

  • Follow book-ish blogs and accounts that you like to get inspiration
    This last part is important because you’ll be starting to build your community while also learning tips and tricks from your favorites, or at least you’ll be able to mimic their strategy which will help you begin to grow!

Want to schedule a meeting with Raine Publishing to see what we recommend and get assistance in starting your book blog? Send an email to hello@rainepoetry.com