books i’ve edited

a wolf in mask by m f yasmin
carnival games by d e kerr
not your token by leila tualla
i can't tell you by neithan levi
moonrise by kaliane faye
morning air, morning light by regan miller
mystic & mundane by sabrina rourke
painful broken sunshine by jasmine smith
real like laundry by breanne weber
sunfish by shelby eileen
when i met the moon by valerie mercado

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books on my bookshelf

we carry the sky by mckayla robin
blue. by baeley hathaway
bones in the garden by mckayla debonis
semicolon by mckayla debonis
cold sober by theresa sopko
small talk by theresa sopko
cottontail games: monsters and lovers by anne chivon
love, and you by gretchen gomez
hummingbird by sophia elaine hanson
it starts like this by shelby leigh
magic with skin on by morgan nikola-wren
seeds planted in concrete by bianca sparacino
the words i want you to keep by gaby comprés
tell me where it hurts by j r rogue
sunset hues and thoughts of you by hailey heishman