affiliate program

benefits of the program:

  • you receive exclusive access to purchase the advanced reader copy (arc) packages of the books you want to read (includes book, bookmark, coffee/tea, and other small treats)

  • you will be provided an affiliate code that you may share with your followers so that they have a discount in our shop while also giving you a portion of the product’s sale

  • you will have your own discount code to use when shopping with us (excludes arc packages)

  • you will have seats set aside for you for any events held through raine publishing

  • you will have the ability to work with raine publishing and our creatives!

apply today! 10 out of 10 positions currently open.

fill out the application today:

raine publishing is set to launch by fall of 2019, consider donating to help us ensure that we meet our launch date!

for any questions, please contact:

announcements about the program

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