i do a million different things. what can i say, my creative mind buzzes around roses, peonies, sunflowers and daisies. there's so much in life, and, of course, there should be different arts of writings for you to enjoy when you are having one of those days. so, feel free to scroll through my:

  • moments: a blog dedicated to the events that occur in my life or the thoughts i have within my day to day life.
  • open letters: all of my publicly written letters for certain individuals or strangers, the audience is welcome to read through these words and share or comment on them. it is an open letter, after all.
  • storytelling: short stories that would probably take up less than a few pages in a small book. but, stories nonetheless- all with a magical, whimsical, dreamy vibe. maybe a little dark and colorful, a little wild and detailed.