of angels and roses


there's a smooth hallelujah that only the divine can hear
freedom found whenever a rose blooms
the lovers dance among the shadows
amongst the gardens
angels formed from this love
this passion, this angst, this heart

kari luna

this is how quickly you will find him.
when you close your eyes a light will come
begging you to take a peek, but don't.
don't open them yet.
you'll feel a slight gust of wind
push against your face, stray hairs flowing.
you'll hear the folding of wings.
the opening of a mouth.
keep your eyes closed. listen. feel
a fingertip reach for your hand.
fingertips as soft as a rose.
open your eyes and there he is.
full of gold. olive skin with brown eyes.
drops of gold dancing with his curly hair.
like honey poured over his wings and smile.
an angel who brings you one sentence:
to hold and be held by something so delicate.

cheyenne raine


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