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angel wings | the blog


angel wings is a collaborative blog between kari luna + cheyenne raine.

we hope to share an interactive collection of poems revolving around angels, faith and light. our vision for this blog is that it will be a creative space for us to share our thoughts on the same topics and ideas. as you will come to see, our minds work differently and similarly, given the theme of each post. some of the posts may describe our reflections on the pieces.

we hope you enjoy this blog as much as we love creating and sharing it with you!

kari luna | poet

kari is a poet with a love for her poetry family and the freedom that words offer her. in this collaboration, she plans to share pieces she has pre-written or composed specifically for the theme of "angel wings". kari loves the color purple and always has her nose in a book (she welcomes physical books and e-books into her bookshelves!).

find kari on: twitter | instagram | goodreads

cheyenne raine | poet

raine is a creative set on sharing her words, art, vision and passion with the world. for this blog, she hopes to reveal a more angelic and heavenly voice and picturesque escape for readers. raine is a lover of tea and dancing in thunderstorms. she collects sea glass and chases bliss.

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