in a dream


you ever go to sleep warm
wake up cold and realize
somewhere in between something changed?

for me, that's dreaming
being so immersed in this world
this beautiful world
i can't tell what's real
until i wake up and the chaos has started

trying so hard to stay asleep
to stay warm and beautiful
yet knowing something is wrong
so very wrong in something so right

trying to run from the happiness
because you know
something's off

when have i ever been this happy?

this —
this is why a dreamer
hates dreaming.

kari luna

this is going to be sun-kissed,
dreaming of the moonset.
is someone dozing off
or are the petals just falling
like eyelids and eyelashes do
when the tired comes.

for me, this is wide awake,
this is following a trail
of branches tipped with mauve.
gold. tangerine.

there is art work in the hallways
of the dream i could have.
of the breath i could take.

cheyenne raine


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