dead language

trigger warning: mention of violence and blood


you grabbed me
by my
angel wings
and pulled
until there was
nothing left
but my bruised,
bleeding back.

was it funny,
the way i
did you enjoy
hearing me
did my suffering
amuse you?
fix you?
heal you?

was it worth it
to betray the trust
of an angel?

- cor aut mors
(heart or death)?

kari luna

there is no one left (but the dead roses and old owls)
to remember my name.
there is no one, but the wind,
to recall the weight
of my skeleton.

there is nothing left for me.
the earth crawls into my mouth,
my dry tongue cannot push it away.
tree roots claw their way
around my rib cages.
i sink. sink. sink.
my death buries the language
that the roses once knew.
my passing leaves no echo.
leaves no trace.
no footprint.
no scribble on stone.

there is no one left
to remember my mother’s tongue.

cheyenne raine


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