angel wings


i'm tired
i live my life
walking on egg shells
hoping they never crack

i am a contortionist
bending and
trying to fit myself
into these little boxes
weird enough
to keep people interested
but never
real enough
for them to stay

i am a grand illusion
a magician's
greatest trick
never a real girl,
just a concept
the magic is lost
once you see what's

but tonight,
tonight i choose
where i stand
tonight i join
the freak show.
i grow
my angel wings.

kari luna

the curtains fall over me,
thin layers of a breath.

sometimes, it is the carving of a sculptor
and their imagination against my soul,
the gentle crafting of wings
and feathers.

delicate things,
if marble were weightless
i'd be soaring through the clouds.

cheyenne raine

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