a safe place


i wanted to have found love here
to have found peace here
but this wasn't heavenly
this wasn't safe
the ground was never
stable under my feet

there were hearts
but they just weren't in it

hearts softened,
grew tired,
were a little less bright
the angels spoke
and they told me
to trust them
when they said
the pain

so i listened,
kept my feet steady
on this broken, shaky ground
and i'm still waiting
for the feeling of safe,
of calm
to wash over my body.

kari luna

i have weak knees from treading
in too much water, salt stinging
the inside of my mouth.

i have tired arms
from climbing the cliff side
just to reach a cave
where the sea bites
and gnashes all night long.

and, i am sick. i am weary.
nothing but a pile of tears and aches.
somewhere far from my safe place.

still, here you come, finding me
with every ounce of warmth that you are,
with all the light that you bring.
you find me and start a fire
within cold cave walls.
safe, because you want to live.
my skin, the home i have needed.

cheyenne raine

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