take back the night

speaking and reciting spoken word at the rape crisis center's "take back the night" event on april 5, 2018. the rape crisis center in san anotnio texas is dedicated to helping those affected by sexual abuse and bringing awareness to the community.

the platform |

rainepoetry is a creative space. projects, both personal and collaborative, ranging from books, blogs, website designing, manuscript editing and more may all be found within the site. what began as poetry to bring more light and tenderness into the world, has slowly turned into many creative outlets that are all focused on bringing out the best and sweetest of intentions.

the writer |

professional: cheyenne raine is a creative from boerne, texas (currently residing in san antonio, texas) who has a passion for words, art, and creating. she is the proud latina author of "maroon daydreams" and "charcoal thunderstorms". raine is a sexual abuse survivor, and was a keynote speaker for the rape crisis center's "take back the night" event in 2018. she recites her poems for their event, annually. raine has a love for local and small businesses, she also enjoys a glass of tea (or three) every day.

personal: hi! i'm raine! or c. whichever you prefer. this is my little corner of the internet. i do a million things through my site, as i'm sure you can tell from the information above. welcome. a warm hello. i'm excited that you've found me and i hope that i continue to bring light and warmth, bliss and good things into your life. while writing is my main hobby, i have grown to enjoy many other creative outlets, as you'll discover throughout my site! sit down and enjoy a few minutes with me!