Photo by  J. Kelly Brito  on  Unsplash

the publishing company |

the vision for raine poetry publishing co. was created by cheyenne raine and theresa ressa. the company will work with authors and artists in order to produce timeless poetry collections that a variety of people will enjoy.

the main office (to be located in austin, texas by fall 2020) will have a main store area, where books and refreshments will be available, along with spaces for authors and artists to collaborate. the office will function as both a store and event space for signings and readings by authors, and a space to share any other projects that might occur through the company.

raine poetry publishing co. will have in-house artists, editors, and photographers who will work with the authors and company to help and create projects. while raine poetry’s main focus is releasing poetry books, it will also be heavily involved with projects outside of books. the comapny will allow room for all the creatives that we work with to be given opportunities that they wouldn’t find in other places, such as traveling for events, working with organizations that they know and love, coming up with limited edition products inspired by books and projects, and other avenues of experiences.

more info to be released in may 2019. this publishing company is set to open by fall of 2019.

the writer |

cheyenne raine resides in the san antonio light, pulling warmth and bliss into her lower-case lettered poetry. she writes the beauty amongst every scene, lacing diction to create vivid pictures. she publishes her work consistently on her website and sends little letters through email. raine is the author of several books, including maroon daydreams, charcoal thunderstoms and lemon acuarelas.

raine is also an editor and has seen the success of many poetry books be released into the world with a touch of her love and care. raine will soon be the owner of the publishing company mentioned above, which she will ultimately run as an extension of her creativity and desire to share her talents and skills to help other authors grow into their words and their collaborations.