if you'd like to chat with me or if you have a question, feel free to email me at: cheyenne@rainepoetry.com

raine poetry | the platform
raine poetry is a space where i collect my words, my art, my voice, my life, my surroundings, my crafts, my experiences and everything in between. this is an escape; come here to breathe, to unwind, to find inspiration, to read stories, to view moments, to discover local favorites, and much more. this space is constantly growing and changing with the seasons of the earth and the seasons in my life, so be sure to check in, once in a blue moon.

cheyenne raine | the writer
hi! i'm cheyenne, the little lady behind this crazy platform. writing is my main art, but i love to craft things together and work with others. i am a sexual abuse survivor and healing is an extremely important mission for me. i used to play in a mariachi, i was a violinist and vocalist. i'm a latina and a self- published author. i love tea and handwriting my work. i am an introvert, but i adore and cherish the moments i spend with others. i'm still learning to smile at the soul in the mirror; most days there is laughter in my chest and daydreams spinning in my thoughts. i'm here, i'm existing, creatively and gently. that is enough. i am enough. welcome to my little home in this big world.

feel free to wander around...

- cheyenne raine