The publishing company |

Raine Poetry Publishing Co. will work with authors and artists in order to produce timeless poetry collections that a variety of people will enjoy.

Raine Publishing will have in-house artists, editors, and photographers who will work with the authors and company to help and create projects. While Raine Publishing’s main focus is releasing poetry books, it will also be heavily involved with projects outside of books. The company will allow room for all the creatives that we work with to be given opportunities that they wouldn’t find in other places, such as traveling for events, working with organizations that they know and love, coming up with limited edition products inspired by books and projects, and other avenues of experiences.

Read more about the company here. This publishing company is set to open fall of 2019. Help us reach our launch date by donating!

Staff |

Learn more about the team behind Raine Poetry Publishing Co. by clicking here. The staff includes the owner, co-owner, editor, in-house artist, and photographer. This starter team is excited to launch!

Authors |

Learn more about the authors published by the company by clicking here. Each author page will include their books, blogs that feature them or their books, their socials and more fun things!