Photo by Pedro Henrique Santos on Unsplash

Photo by Pedro Henrique Santos on Unsplash

the publishing company | rainepoetry

The vision for Raine Poetry was created by Theresa Ressa and Cheyenne Raine. The hope is that it will be a publishing company, which entails working with authors and artists in order to produce timeless poetry collections that a variety of people will enjoy.

The main office (location to be determined) will have a main store area, where books and refreshments will be available, that will function as both a store and event space for signings and readings, or any other projects that might occur through Raine Poetry.

This publishing company will have in-house artists, editors, event coordinators, and photographers who will work with authors and the company to help with projects. While Raine Poetry’s main focus is releasing poetry books, it will also be heavily involved with projects outside of books! The hope is that all the creatives and office employees that we will have on board will be given opportunities that they wouldn’t find in other places, such as traveling for events, working with organizations that they know and love to come up with projects to help those organizations, exploring options for limited edition products through their work (art prints, jewelry, home decor, etc.) and other avenues of experiences.

To read more about this company, visit the donate page!

the writer | professional

cheyenne raine resides in the san antonio light, pulling warmth and bliss into her lower-case lettered poetry. she writes the beauty amongst every scene, lacing diction to create vivid pictures. she publishes her work consistently on her website and sends little letters through email. raine is the author of several books, including maroon daydreams, charcoal thunderstoms and lemon acuarelas.

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the writer | personal

hi! i'm raine! this is my little corner of the internet. i do a million things through my site, as i'm sure you can tell from the information above. welcome. a warm hello. i'm excited that you've found me and i hope that i continue to bring light and warmth, bliss and good things into your life. while writing is my main hobby, i have grown to enjoy many other creative outlets, as you'll discover throughout my site! sit down and enjoy a few minutes with me.

as a sexual abuse survivor, i find it important that rainepoetry embody a safe space. i am transparent with you (my readers) in the creative and life journeys that i am on. if you would like to see specific posts on healing or if you’d like to talk with me about starting your own journey, feel free to email me.